Technical Field

Photonic Chips

Develop and manufacture from low to high speed semiconductor photodetectors and laser series photonic chips which are based on indium phosphide (InP) materials

Packaging Technology Department

Research & development and the mass packaging PD EMS and provide services
TO - CAN light device

Silicon Photonics Integration Department

Development and production of silicon-based materials as the core of silicon integrated optical components

Sensing Engineering Department

Development and production of sensor, intelligent connector is wisdom city facilities

New Products

Our Manufacturing Environment

The level of clean room, the full automatic production, high efficiency, high precision, high quality.

Our Partner

Relevant industry partners, mutual benefit, win-win situation.

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  • Photonic Chips
  • Sensing Engineering
  • Silicon Photonics Integration
  • Packaging Technology

Our Partner

  • Chinese academy of sciences
  • Chinese academy of railway sciences