Shenzhen PHOGRAIN Intelligent Sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

PHOGRAIN Intelligent Sensing Technology located in Nanshan Intelligent Park of Shenzhen,

which is the most Important advanced technology member company of Shenzhen Special Industry Association.

We engage in optical communication core components R&D and mass production.

Provide the solutions of long distance, deep zone, optical fiber sensing monitoring, the hardware and software integration.

For wisdom city light channel provide the core components and sensing monitoring technology services,

Is the most front technology-oriented enterprise of light century optical communication industry chain.

PHOGRAIN Enterprise Culture

PHOGRAIN ——a rising star in the age of chip and Internet of Things.

In April 2014, PHOGRAIN, perceiving microscopic world and leading value sharing, was founded in Qianhai, Shenzhen.

An enterprise was born, shouldering the revival of national industry.

An enterprise organization was founded, leading the micro telecommunications, initiating the Internet of Things, and carrying the dream of chip manufacture.

Microchip is strength, and business is for people. Following the trend of the information industry revolution and the great revival of Chinese nation, PHOGRAIN appears. PHOGRAIN will hold high the banner of the Internet of Things and concern about the wonderful world of human beings.

China dream、Internet of things、the PHOGRAIN of the world !!!

Application Field

Optical transceiver components

The light receiving components

Light emitter

Optical transceiver module

The DFB laser of high speed

Fiber laser

Optical fiber amplifier

Optical fiber CATV network

Satellite communications

High-rise buildings

The dam monitoring

Tunnel monitoring

Bridge monitoring

The ship monitoring

Slope monitoring

Track monitoring



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Our Partner

  • Chinese academy of sciences
  • Chinese academy of railway sciences